Approaching retirement can be an exciting moment in your life as it can also be a stressful one. For lots of Canadians, retirement is their biggest concern. Most worry about outliving their savings, returns in their portfolios and the consequences of higher interest rates during rising inflation.

To help answer these questions, we build a personalized attainable retirement plan custom-made to meet your needs and goals:

  • Snapshot of your current financial situation (assets, incomes, debts, taxes, insurance)
  • We offer a goals based approach with clear realistic timeline
  • Personalized advice to maximize your retirement income and estate preservation
  • Income projections from various sources before and during retirement
  • Portfolio recommendations for optimized returns
  • Major milestones planning (children’s weddings, sale of home, sale of a business, illness, loss of independence, death, etc.)
  • Tax and estate planning
  • Beneficiary designations to protect your loved ones
  • Life insurance as an asset class for retirement and/or estate preservation

Once your retirement plan is in place, you can have access to it online through our client portal and can make modifications and/or examine your current plan. We recommend a yearly review of your plan with your advisor to make sure the current plan is optimal for you.

Did You Know? 

The vast majority of Canadians don’t consider the lifestyle they want to have after they retire*.

Canadian retirement savings statistics reveal that 90% of Canadians overlook the importance of setting post-retirement lifestyle goals. Accurate and realistic expectations help in the planning process, as future spending requires additional savings today.

The report also shows that 45% of those who have considered their desired post-retirement lifestyle are not confident in achieving it.

Source: Benefits Canada

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